Education Timeline

My education in computer science and software engineering was a great choice, it gives me the will, knowledge and skills for a wide academic and industry career. As a software development powers successful businesses, i'm specialized in secure software development and testing process, as well as computer graphics design and artificial intelligence.

  • University of Malaysia Pahang,  Kuantan, Malaysia

    Doctor of Philosophy in Software Engineering   Excellent (Minor correction)  

    Dissertation: “A Bat-Inspired T-Way Strategy for Mixed-Strength Test Suite Generation.”

    In short, the research focuses on optimizing exponential test data in software testing using artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • University of Putra Malaysia,  Selangor, Malaysia

    Master of Computer Science in Software Engineering   Very Good  

    Thesis: “An Object-Oriented Anti-Patterns Tracking and Detection Technique.”

    In short, the research focuses on the detection of object-oriented design anti-patterns that leads to high complexity.